The Mattel Hyperscan console won't read the game disk.

by Guest7323  |  13 years ago

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Game purchased new, went through all the troubleshooting instructions (clean disk, etc) and console still does not read the game disk.

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  1. amomipais82
    Looks like the collectible card genre is about to undergo an overhaul with the introduction of the HyperScan hybrid game system that makes good use of RFID technology, enabling players to add statistics to each individual card and empowering their characters for future play. The HyperScan system uses rewritable Intellicard technology with the standard issue button-mashing processing to bring you an unprecedented gameplay experience. To date, there are three HyperScan software titles available - Marvel's X-Men, Cartoon Network's Ben 10, and Mattel's Interstellar Wrestling League. A 32-bit processor is capable of handling the graphical crunch involved. This sounds like a pretty interesting toy to get your kids for Christmas.

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