The i2i Stream

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So let's say there are two of us and only one iPod. How'd you like to listen to it together, simultaneously, even if we're up to 30 feet apart? Didn't think so.

Aerielle's i2i Stream wireless digital music broadcaster makes this possible. But it would be worth $120! Too many people, particularly the demographic that Aerielle appears to target, already have an iPod, anyway.

For those who don't own an iPod, $120 comes too close to the cost of a new Nano.

It looks like a dead end for the i2i Stream, two miniature transmitter-receivers.. or no?

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  1. Merlyn
    Why is the i2i Stream limited to the exalted iPod owner connecting the two devices and pressing the "Send" button while the pitiable iPod-less friend takes the other i2i Stream, connects some earbuds and presses "Receive"?

    Why can't the i2i Stream send and receive audio from and to other devices?

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