The magical smell of books

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The magical smell of books

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    You are walking down the street and suddenly a scent makes you think of the home of a childhood friend, or walk into a store and immediately smelled you remember how your first love. There is a part of the brain that seems programmed to remember things forever, s lies somewhere in the limbic system and connects with emotions odors.

    Smells connect us to different times in our history. Some are nice and evoke pleasant feelings while other moments that remind us prefer to forget. Think of the smell of a newborn or your grandmother. The smell of coffee or a bakery while the bread is baked.

    Scientists have studied this phenomenon for many years. It is thought that the main connection between smell and memory is the result of direct connections between our olfactory lobes and hippocampus.

    Researchers in Israel did an MRI to analyze how the hippocampus between memories and strong odors are involved.

    It's funny how many people say they love the smell of books. It is even more strange that there are people who say they love the smell of a library or used book stores. It's just old glue, ink, dust and decay. Strange, until you know the timeless aspects of odors.


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