The oldest living person on earth.

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Who is presently the oldest living person on the earth?

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  1. Guest1115
    Mrs. Cooper has seen 21 different presidents, and lived through two world wars and the great depression Since her birth in 1896.
    Guinness World Records has officially recognized her as the oldest person on earth at a ceremony at her nursing home.
    I mind my business and I don't eat junk food," she says.
    Mrs. Cooper was bestowed with the title after the death of Eunice G Sanborn of Jacksonville.

  2. Guest7952

    Rebecca Lanier, who celebrated her 119th birthday last week, could be the oldest person in the world, but the Guinness Book of World Records has denied her that status due to the absence of a birth certificate. Lanier, who lives in Ohio with her grandson, was born with no birth certificate in the 1890s to slave parents in Mississippi, which had laws discriminating against blacks at that time. This has caused problems as the Guinness Book of World Records needs that certificate to verify her age, which would make her the oldest living person in the world.


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