The pitch helped India beat Pakistan in world cup 2011 semi-final.

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Did the pitch really help India beating Pakistan in the world cup 2011 semi final?

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  1. Guest2200
    The Indian team qualified for the final after they were able to beat Pakistan for the fifth consecutive time in the world cup encounters. Something which was surprising, that the Indian players never seemed that much jubilant as they were seen when they went on to beat Pakistan in the inaugural T20 Cricket World Cup final back in year 2007. Beating Pakistan in Mohali their own home ground, it seemed as perhaps they had already known the result of the match. On the other hand, the Pakistani Cricket Team got appreciation for bringing the two countries on the dialogue table more than for playing good all-round cricket in world cup 2011. This is something which raises many questions. Was the purpose of Indian PM to invite the Pakistani PM watching the world cup semi-final match together or taking an initiative to resolve the issues between the two countries? What was the Indian PM doing before the start of the world cup and when the Mumbai attacks took place? Why no cooperation shown to Pakistan when they persisted for not having any involvement in the Mumbai attacks? Why Mumbai was so much highlighted in the incident as the world cup 2011 final to be played in this city? Why the Pakistani players not allowed playing the Indian oriented IPL despite being the best T20 team in the world? What made the Indian PM extending a hand to the Pakistani Government just before the world cup 2011 semi-final? All these questions would lead to an answer that Pakistan did not lose world cup 2011 semi-final of the ground, the match was lost by the Pakistani government officials on so called dialogue table.

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