Things you can do to get out of google penalty

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Things you can do to get out of google penalty.  This is more of a chat between two people who's one site was blocked by google and they are shifting everything to the new site but it shows what they are taking and what is being left behind.  

[10/09/2013 11:55:47] John Mani:  - What is future plan for
[10/09/2013 11:56:16] John Mani: as I have been told that Editor is on the list too
[10/09/2013 11:56:44] John Mani: So in future if we will not publish the news, chances are Google will put off from news index
[10/09/2013 12:30:37] Jason Wong: can u do me a favour and get me list of his articles for the last week, number of articles per day and length
[10/09/2013 12:34:15] John Mani: ok
[26/09/2013 06:09:29] Jason Wong: hi
[26/09/2013 06:09:37] John Mani: Hi
[26/09/2013 06:11:27] Jason Wong: whats the latest and when is the first site going live
[26/09/2013 06:13:00] John Mani: Julie is going to confirm me when translation part will be completed, I have discussed with her yesterday, and according to her yet crawling is in process and translation process is not yet started. Though I have did the comparison of other sites
[26/09/2013 06:13:20] John Mani: and communicated the few things need to fix to developer yesterday
[26/09/2013 06:13:45] John Mani: He was busy on other site and he would be working on those fixes today
[26/09/2013 06:20:55] John Mani: site has though setup on server.
[26/09/2013 06:21:35] John Mani: I have just drop you an email with document for client 1 which we were suppose to discuss that day.
[26/09/2013 06:42:40] Jason Wong: cool
[26/09/2013 06:43:01] Jason Wong: did you speak with Mark or do you want me to have the talk with you guys together
[26/09/2013 06:43:34] John Mani: No I have not talk to him, I asked Brian Sb to speak with him
[26/09/2013 06:43:49] Jason Wong: why?
[26/09/2013 06:44:05] John Mani: and what I have heard he is not interested to stay
[26/09/2013 06:44:55] John Mani: I asked Brian sb that he must be officially communicated for tasks
[08/10/2013 11:44:51] John Mani: Hi
[08/10/2013 11:45:58] John Mani: site details are sent
[08/10/2013 13:33:31] John Mani: I want to discuss the quality issue of content
[08/10/2013 13:33:48] John Mani: please review randomly some questions and answer please
[08/10/2013 13:34:11] John Mani: there are lot of cases where some words are not translated, sentence loses the meaning, and so on.
[08/10/2013 13:34:48] John Mani: and frequency of such issues is too high, and I guess no automated way can clean it.
[08/10/2013 13:37:19] John Mani: Well I was thinking to test out the noindex mark data from our other sites to migrate here.
[08/10/2013 13:37:38] John Mani: Or If we get the Yahoo ads account from US and add it to our oldest site
[08/10/2013 13:38:08] John Mani: as it has already developed a good traffic from all sources except google
[08/10/2013 13:39:15] John Mani: We can test both Yahoo and MSN, I know it would not be good as Google
[08/10/2013 13:39:38] John Mani: but at least we can have something in pocket
[08/10/2013 13:40:06] John Mani: Well parallel will work on it, but current translation is scary
[08/10/2013 13:40:20] John Mani: using CGE we will generate
[08/10/2013 13:40:35] John Mani: fresh and better content
[08/10/2013 13:42:59] John Mani: I have test randomly on different categories (where as the fact categories are not fine, need them to rename and resort) and around out of 5-6 one question sentence seems ok but then problem exists in answers
[08/10/2013 13:47:34] John Mani: brb
[08/10/2013 14:05:23] John Mani: back
[09/10/2013 07:12:32] John Mani: Hi
[09/10/2013 07:14:24] John Mani: I have just sent you an email with details of all the tasks am working with dev guy
[09/10/2013 07:21:42] John Mani: Well I have not said that it is not doable, however I just mentioned you the challenge we came up with the translation text.
[09/10/2013 07:37:53] John Mani: Yes!! as I proposed yesterday that we can work parallel to seek out the translation fixes and we can pull the questions which we have marked no-index in the first site, and pull only the content which is of a very high quality
[09/10/2013 07:39:19] John Mani: you mean we have already picked same set of content on other site which I am suggesting here?
[09/10/2013 07:41:26] John Mani: No- am talking about the content which has been crawled by google on our old site, which we marked as noindex , but that is a good content, we should not block google from crawling it or we should add it to the new site and let Google index it.
[09/10/2013 07:41:56] John Mani: Say Question: 36 business ideas you can start with less than $50? it is set to no-index on the old site
[09/10/2013 07:42:08] John Mani: hmmmmm
[09/10/2013 07:42:43] John Mani: let me discuss with the dba guy to see if we can find any unique set of these combinations
[09/10/2013 07:42:56] John Mani: to avoid duplication.
[11/10/2013 06:53:45] John Mani: Hi
[11/10/2013 06:55:34] John Mani: Working since last two days for following 3 options to bring the content for the new site
1. How to get fix the translation issues
2. Getting unique content from our old site
3. getting rid of all inbound links from comment marketing
[11/10/2013 06:55:48] John Mani: Here are the findings:
[11/10/2013 06:56:09] John Mani: 1. We need to hire better translators
[11/10/2013 06:56:30] John Mani: there is human check and editing is required
[11/10/2013 06:57:16] John Mani: 2. Found 100K+ unique content yesterday that is set to no index on the old site, DBA is pulling data and will deliver me today.
[11/10/2013 06:58:12] John Mani: 3. Will only keep inbound links from news sources and from universities. To rank well on the new site, we can’t play the link building game but need to focus on social outreach and let’s only put forward quality content where each page is worth it’s weight in gold.

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