Thinner Scale not working - no LED. Replaced w/ new battery properly, same flat service

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This is a Thinner scale

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  1. paafamily
    1. Check to make sure your scale is set to measure in “lb”. (lb/kg switch on
    back of scale should be set to “lb”. If scale does not have a switch, it is
    automatically set to measure in “lb”.)
    2. Place the scale on an even, flat surface for accurate operation and safety.
    3. Quickly and firmly tap center of scale platform with foot to activate
    digital display.
    4. When “000.0”or “00.0”or “0.0” appears in display window, step onto scale.
    DO NOT STEP ONTO SCALE UNTIL “000.0”/“00.0”/“0.0” APPEARS IN
    5. Stand on platform without shifting or moving until weight is displayed
    (4 - 5 seconds).
    NOTE: Digital display automatically turns off after several seconds

  2. Guest1040

    I need to replace the 3 volt battery but cannot remove it. How do you remove it? I have the plastic cover off but do not see anything else. It does not just pop out.

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