Tips to Teach Manners to Children

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I’m a mother of two and really worried about my children. I want them to be well mannered and so looking for ideas that can help me teaching them all good manners!

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  1. Guest8414
    Practice all those things yourself too that you want them to do.....

  2. Guest4694
    Start using words and phrases like 'please,' 'thank you,' 'excuse me,' 'I'm sorry,' and 'may I?' as early as possible around your child. Encourage your child to do the same.
  3. Guest7055
    Take care what language you use around children; they mimic the way adults speak.
  4. Guest5726
    Bring up the behavior again in private so you can discuss it more thoroughly and make sure your child understands how to behave in the future.
  5. Guest5324
    Teach your child manners in stages, as his comprehension and skills develop. It probably won't do any good to ask a 2-year-old to stop chewing with his mouth open; he probably lacks the understanding and physical coordination to comply.
  6. Guest8425
    Avoid ignoring bad behavior or waiting to talk about it. Address a rule as soon as your child breaks it.
  7. Guest1031
    Review the other basics of etiquette with your child whenever necessary.
  8. Guest2542
    Set a good example. It's unfair to expect politeness of a child if his parents are not polite themselves.
  9. Guest4697
    Praise your child for good behavior.
  10. Guest6587
    Ask your child to address adults with a certain degree of formality - that is, Ms. Lee, Mrs. Doe, Mr. Smith - unless the adult tells them to do otherwise.
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