Top Famous Rock Band Salaries

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I’m McLean Johnson and I live in Columbia. I have lot of information about world’s famous Rock Bands. But I don’t know about their exact salary figures. So kindly tell me about the Top Rock band salaries. I will be very thankful.

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  1. selvester robin


    (Hard Rock Band)




    Annual: USD 36,400,000.00

    Monthly: USD 3,033,333.00

    Weekly: USD 728,000.00

    Daily: USD 145,600.00




    (Hard Rock Heavy Metal Band)




    Annual: USD 177,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 14,750,000.00

    Weekly: USD 3,540,000.00

    Daily: USD 708,000.00





    (Alternative Rock Band)





    Annual: USD 32,300,000.00

    Monthly: USD 2,691,666.00

    Weekly: USD 646,000.00

    Daily: USD 129,200.00



    (Rock Band)





    Annual: USD 231,900,000.00

    Monthly: USD 19,325,000.00

    Weekly: USD 4,638,000.00

    Daily: USD 927,600.00


    Kings of Leon

    (Rock band)





    Annual: USD 56,200,000.00

    Monthly: USD 4,683,333.00

    Weekly: USD 1,124,000.00

    Daily: USD 224,800.00




    Heavy Metal Band





    Annual: USD 110,100,000.00

    Monthly: USD 9,175,000.00

    Weekly: USD 2,202,000.00

    Daily: USD 440,400.00


    Jonas Brothers


    Pop Boy Band





    Annual: USD 31,500,000.00

    Monthly: USD 2,625,000.00

    Weekly: USD 630,000.00

    Daily: USD 126,000.00



    (Alternative Rock Band)





    Annual: USD 76,600,000.00

    Monthly: USD 6,383,333.00

    Weekly: USD 1,532,000.00

    Daily: USD 306,400.00


    Black Eyed Peas

    (Hip Hop Band )




    Annual: USD 61,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 5,083,333.00

    Weekly: USD 1,220,000.00

    Daily: USD 244,000.00


    Bon Jovi

    (Hard Rock Band)




    Annual: USD 148,800,000.00

    Monthly: USD 12,400,000.00

    Weekly: USD 2,976,000.00

    Daily: USD 595,200.00


    Dave Matthews Band

    (Rock Fusion Band)




    Annual: USD 77,600,000.00

    Monthly: USD 6,466,666.00

    Weekly: USD 1,552,000.00

    Daily: USD 310,400.00

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