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I’m Bathy Garland from New Jersey. I have so much information about almost all famous TV personalities. But I don’t know about their exact salary figures. So kindly provide me the list of top TV personality salaries. I will be very thankful.

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  1. Guest20024

     Steven Tyler

    Judge American Idol (also front man/singer Aerosmith)


    Born:  1948

    Birth place:US

    Marital status: Girlfriend/Divorced

    Children: 3





    Annual: USD 18,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 1,500,000.00

    Weekly: USD 360,000.00

    Daily: USD 72,000.00



    Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo)

    Actress, singer


    Born: 1969

    Birth place: USA

    Children: 2

    Marital status: Divorced



    Annual: USD 20,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 1,666,666.00

    Weekly: USD 400,000.00

    Daily: USD 80,000.00



    Ryan Seacrest

    TV Host American Idol (also radio personality, TV host, network producer, voice actor)


    Born: 1974

    Birth place: USA



    Annual: USD 61,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 5,083,333.00

    Weekly: USD 1,220,000.00

    Daily: USD 244,000.00


    Randy Jackson


    Judge American Idol (also musician and music producer)


    Born: 1956

    Birth place: US

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 2



    Annual: USD 6,500,000.00

    Monthly: USD 541,666.00

    Weekly: USD 130,000.00

    Daily: USD 26,000.00

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