Top World’s Famous Country Star Salaries

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I’m Wayne Maxwell from Los Angles. I have lot of information about almost all top country stars. But I don’t know about their exact salary figures. So kindly provide me the list of top famous country star. I will be very thankful.

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  1. Guest20161

     Toby Keith

    (Country music singer-songwriter)


    Born: 1961

    Birth place: USA


    Children: 3


    Annual: USD 50,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 4,166,666.00

    Weekly: USD 1,000,000.00

    Daily: USD 200,000.00


    Brad Paisley

    Country Singer Songwriter and Guitarist -

    Born: US 1972 - Married - Children: 2


    Annual: USD 40,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 3,333,333.00

    Weekly: USD 800,000.00

    Daily: USD 160,000.00




    Taylor Swift

    (Country Singer-Songwriter, Actress)


    Born: 1989

    Birth place: US

    Marital status: Single


    Annual: USD 104,200,000.00

    Monthly: USD 8,683,333.00

    Weekly: USD 2,084,000.00

    Daily: USD 416,800.00


    Tim McGraw 

    (Country Singer, Actor)


    Born: 1967

    Birth place: US

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 3


    Annual: USD 35,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 2,916,666.00

    Weekly: USD 700,000.00

    Daily: USD 140,000.00


    George Strait / Reba / Lee Ann Womack


    Country Singers-Songwriters

    Born: Joined touring in 2010


    Annual: USD 41,600,000.00

    Monthly: USD 3,466,666.00

    Weekly: USD 832,000.00

    Daily: USD 166,400.00


    Carrie Underwood


    Singer, Song writer, Winner 4th American Idol


    Born: 1983

    Birth place: USA

    Marital status: Married


    Annual: USD 20,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 1,666,666.00

    Weekly: USD 400,000.00

    Daily: USD 80,000.00




    Country Band


    Born: US

    Band since 2000


    Annual: USD 34,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 2,833,333.00

    Weekly: USD 680,000.00

    Daily: USD 136,000.00


    Kenny Chesney

    (Country music singer-songwriter)


    Born: 1968

    Birth place: USA

    Marital status: Divorced


    Annual: USD 30,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 2,500,000.00

    Weekly: USD 600,000.00

    Daily: USD 120,000.00

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