Top World’s Famous Female Musicians Salaries

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I’m Jezzy Atonson from Los Angles. I have lot of information about almost all top female musicians. But I don’t know about their exact salary figures. So kindly provide me the list of top female musician salaries. I will be very thankful.

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  1. Guest20028


    (Singer, Songwriter)


    Born: 1988

    Birth place:Barbados


    Annual: USD 90,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 7,500,000.00

    Weekly: USD 1,800,000.00

    Daily: USD 360,000.00


    Lady Gaga


    (Singer, songwriter, musician, dancer)


    Born: 1986

    Birth place:USA

    Marital status: Boyfriend


    Annual: USD 63,700,000.00

    Monthly: USD 5,308,333.00

    Weekly: USD 1,274,000.00

    Daily: USD 254,800.00








    (Singer, Songwriter)



    Born: 1988

    Birth place:UK 

    Marital status:Single


    Annual: USD 12,198,072.00

    Monthly: USD 1,016,506.00

    Weekly: USD 243,961.00

    Daily: USD 48,792.00


    Beyonce Knowles


    (Singer, song writer, producer and actress)


    Born: 1981

    Birth place:USA

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 1


    Annual: USD 35,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 2,916,666.00

    Weekly: USD 700,000.00

    Daily: USD 140,000.00




    (Singer, actress, dancer, writer)



    Born: 1958

    Birth place:USA

    Children: 4

    Marital status:Divorced


    Annual: USD 58,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 4,833,333.00

    Weekly: USD 1,160,000.00

    Daily: USD 232,000.00



    Britney Spears



    Born: 1981

    Birth place:USA

    Marital status:Single/Divorced

    Children: 2



    Annual: USD 68,700,000.00

    Monthly: USD 5,725,000.00

    Weekly: USD 1,374,000.00

    Daily: USD 274,800.00


    Nicole Scherzinger

    (Singer, Songwriter, Model, Actress, Judge X Factor US)



    Born: 1978

    Birth place:USA

    Marital status:Boyfriend


    Annual: USD 1,500,000.00

    Monthly: USD 125,000.00

    Weekly: USD 30,000.00

    Daily: USD 6,000.00



    (Singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer)



    Born: 1977

    Birth place:Colombia

    Marital status:Boyfriend


    Annual: USD 53,200,000.00

    Monthly: USD 4,433,333.00

    Weekly: USD 1,064,000.00

    Daily: USD 212,800.00


    Alicia Keys


    (Singer, Songwriter)


    Born: 1981

    Birth place:US


    Children: 1


    Annual: USD 29,400,000.00

    Monthly: USD 2,450,000.00

    Weekly: USD 588,000.00

    Daily: USD 117,600.00


    Kylie Minogue


    (Singer, Songwriter, Actress)



    Born: 1968

    Birth place: Australia

    Marital status:Boyfriend


    Annual: USD 52,800,000.00

    Monthly: USD 4,400,000.00

    Weekly: USD 1,056,000.00

    Daily: USD 211,200.00







    Born: 1979

    Birth place:US


    Children: 1


    Annual: USD 46,400,000.00

    Monthly: USD 3,866,666.00

    Weekly: USD 928,000.00

    Daily: USD 185,600.00



    (Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Producer)



    Born: 1946

    Birth place:US


    Children: 2

    Marital status: Divorced


    Annual: USD 28,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 2,333,333.00

    Weekly: USD 560,000.00

    Daily: USD 112,000.00

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