Top World’s Famous Male Musician Salaries

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Hey, I’m Jenny Anna and I live in Manchester. I have lot of information about almost all top male musicians. But I don’t know about their exact salary figures. So kindly provide me the list of top male musician salaries. I will be very thankful.

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  1. Guest20173

     Justin Bieber

    (Singer, Songwriter)


    Born: 1994

    Birth place: Canada



    Annual: USD 67,600,000.00

    Monthly: USD 5,633,333.00

    Weekly: USD 1,352,000.00

    Daily: USD 270,400.00


    Adam Lambert

    (Musician, Songwriter, Actor)


    Born: 1982

    Birth place: USA

    Marital status: Boyfriend


    Annual: USD 6,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 500,000.00

    Weekly: USD 120,000.00

    Daily: USD 24,000.00




    (Rapper, Entrepreneur)


    Born: 1969

    Birth place: US

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 1


    Annual: USD 37,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 3,083,333.00

    Weekly: USD 740,000.00

    Daily: USD 148,000.00



    Michael Bublé

    (Singer, Songwriter, Actor)



    Born: 1975




    Annual: USD 104,200,000.00

    Monthly: USD 8,683,333.00

    Weekly: USD 2,084,000.00

    Daily: USD 416,800.00


    John Mayer

    (Singer, Songwriter)


    Born: 1977

    Birth place: US


    Annual: USD 56,200,000.00

    Monthly: USD 4,683,333.00

    Weekly: USD 1,124,000.00

    Daily: USD 224,800.00


    Jack Johnson

    (Singer, Songwriter)


    Born: 1975

    Birth place: US

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 3


    Annual: USD 28,500,000.00

    Monthly: USD 2,375,000.00

    Weekly: USD 570,000.00

    Daily: USD 114,000.00


    50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson III)




    Born: 1975 USA - Single - Children: 1


    Annual: USD 20,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 1,666,666.00

    Weekly: USD 400,000.00

    Daily: USD 80,000.00


    André Rieu

    (Conductor, Violinist, Composer)


    Born: 1949

    Birth place: The Netherlands

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 2


    Annual: USD 63,500,000.00

    Monthly: USD 5,291,666.00

    Weekly: USD 1,270,000.00

    Daily: USD 254,000.00


    Bruce Springsteen



    Born: 1949

    Birth place: USA

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 3


    Annual: USD 70,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 5,833,333.00

    Weekly: USD 1,400,000.00

    Daily: USD 280,000.00


    Kanye West


    (Singer, rapper, record producer)

    Born: 1977

    Birth place: US


    Annual: USD 16,000,000.00

    Monthly: USD 1,333,333.00

    Weekly: USD 320,000.00

    Daily: USD 64,000.00


    Paul McCartney



    Born: 1942

    Birth place: United Kingdom

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 5


    Annual: USD 79,200,000.00

    Monthly: USD 6,600,000.00

    Weekly: USD 1,584,000.00

    Daily: USD 316,800.00


    Elton John


    (Singer, Songwriter, Producer)


    Born: 1947

    Birth place: UK 

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 1


    Annual: USD 102,700,000.00

    Monthly: USD 8,558,333.00

    Weekly: USD 2,054,000.00

    Daily: USD 410,800.00

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