Top World’s Famous Soccer Coaches Salaries

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I’m Bathy Garland from New Jersey. I have so much information about almost all famous soccer coaches. But I don’t know about their exact salary figures. Kindly tell me about the salaries of world’s soccer coaches. I will be very thankful.

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  1. Guest19867

     Bob Bradley


    (Soccer Coach Egyptian National Team)


    Born: 1958

    Birth place:US 

    Marital status:Married 

    Children: 3


    Annual: USD 420.000,00

    Monthly: USD 35.000,00

    Weekly: USD 8.400,00

    Daily: USD 1.680,00




    Fabio Capello

    (Retired Football Manager England)


    Born: 1946

    Birth place: Italy

    Marital status:Married

    Children: 2


    Annual: USD 10.337.349,00

    Monthly: USD 861.446,00

    Weekly: USD 206.747,00

    Daily: USD 41.349,00

    Diego Maradona

    (Retired Former Soccer Coach, Argentina)

    Born: 1960

    Birth place: Argentina

    Marital status: Girlfriend

    Children: 4


    Annual: USD 1.200.000,00

    Monthly: USD 100.000,00

    Weekly: USD 24.000,00

    Daily: USD 4.800,00



    Louis van Gaal

    (Retired Soccer Coach Bayern Munich)


    Born: 1951

    Birth place:The Netherlands

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 2


    Annual: USD 8.587.952,00

    Monthly: USD 715.663,00

    Weekly: USD 171.759,00

    Daily: USD 34.352,00



    Guus Hiddink

    (Manager Anzhi Makhachkala)


    Born: 1946

    The Netherlands


    Children: 0


    Annual: USD 10.000.000,00

    Monthly: USD 833.333,00

    Weekly: USD 200.000,00

    Daily: USD 40.000,00


    Joachim Löw

    (Soccer Coach, Germany)


    Born: 1960

    Birth place:Germany

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 0


    Annual: USD 2.081.424,00

    Monthly: USD 173.452,00

    Weekly: USD 41.628,00

    Daily: USD 8.326,00


    Javier Aguirre Onaindía

    (Soccer Coach Zaragossa )


    Born: 1958

    Birth Place: Mexico

    Marital status: Married

    Children: 3


    Annual: USD 1.635.000,00

    Monthly: USD 136.250,00

    Weekly: USD 32.700,00

    Daily: USD 6.540,00



    Marcello Lippi

    (Former Football Manager Italy)


    Born: 1948

    Birth place: Italy

    Marital status:Married

    Children: 2


    Annual: USD 2.714.255,00

    Monthly: USD 226.188,00

    Weekly: USD 54.285,00

    Daily: USD 10.857,00



    José Mourinho

    (Soccer Coach Real Madrid)


    Born: 1963

    Birth place:Portugal

    Marital : Married

    Children: 2


    Annual: USD 13.500.000,00

    Monthly: USD 1.125.000,00

    Weekly: USD 270.000,00

    Daily: USD 54.000,00


    Bert van Marwijk

    (Soccer Coach, The Netherlands)



    Born: 1952,

    Birth place:The Netherlands

    Marital status:Married

    Children: 2


    Annual: USD 2.442.829,00

    Monthly: USD 203.569,00

    Weekly: USD 48.857,00

    Daily: USD 9.771,00


    Carlos Alberto Parreira

    (Retired Soccer Coach National Team South Africa)



    Born: 1943,

    Birth place:Brazil

    Marital status: Married


    Annual: USD 2.763.709,00

    Monthly: USD 230.309,00

    Weekly: USD 55.274,00

    Daily: USD 11.055,00


    Marcelo Bielsa

    (Soccer Coach Athletic Bilbao)


    Born: 1955

    Birth place: Argentina

    Marital status:Married

    Children: 2


    Annual: USD 850.000,00

    Monthly: USD 70.833,00

    Weekly: USD 17.000,00

    Daily: USD 3.400,00

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