Top ten cruises of Australia

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Can anyone provide the names of the top cruises or ships in Australia for tourism through waters?

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  1. Guest8182
    Major operators cruising to and from and around Australia include some of these:
    - P & O Cruises, offer both domestic and international cruises. When it comes to international cruises, P&O has all the beautiful tropical places covered.
    - Royal Caribbean International cruise. This company offers 12 and 14 night exotic cruises from Australia to New Zealand and the Islands. The cruise includes Ports of Call such as Sydney, Melbourne, Christchurch and Tasmania with the 3 main areas of interest being Sydney, Hobart and Wellington.
    - Princess Cruises. These cruises have a fleet of over 15 ships with some of them being amongst the largest super liners in the world.
    - Cunard Cruises.
    - Holland America Line, offers cruises from 14 days right up to 70 days in duration, cruising Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

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