Top ten dives in Australia

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Can I get the list of the ten best diving locations in Australia?

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  1. Guest7498
    From exploring shipwrecks and the world’s most famous reef to getting friendly with sharks, Australia has some of the world’s best diving spots in the country.
    Thousands of kilometers of coastline, hundreds of nearby islands, abundant and varied marine life, a mix of tropical and temperate climates and numerous shipwrecks just offshore, the diving and snorkeling in Western Australia is unbeatable. The top ten among them include the following:
    Great Barrier Reef,
    The Whitsundays,
    Ningaloo Reef,
    Sydney’s Sharks,
    Great Whites,
    The Yongala,
    Byron Bay,
    Shoalwater Island Marine Park,
    Abrolhos Islands, and
    Lord Howe Island.

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