Toshiba DLP TV will not turn on?

by Guest9670  |  11 years, 3 month(s) ago

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I have a Toshiba DLP 52" TV.  Just replaced the bulb.  The TV will not turn on, green light is solid and the red light flashes??

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  1. Guest2037
    Toshiba 50hm66 tv not working....Lights were blinking, no picture, and there was theres no sound either. Help please

  2. Guest1984
    when i turn on my toshiba dlp tv red light comes on no picture and i get 9 green bkinking lghts then it resets
  3. Guest8873
    Red light comes on when we power it on, green light blinks a time or two then tv clicks off then back on again.  Is this a blown lamp
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