Toyota plan for increase in Production for North America.

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What are the strategies that Toyota is adopting in order to increase the production in North America, are there any changes that Toyota is making for the production plan in North America?

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    Toyota has taken many steps in order to develop a comprehensive plan for the North American production plant. Toyota is now focusing in many key areas to develop a concise and comprehensive plan in order to receive a formal report.

    -Giving the North American operations greater autonomy in order to make proactive recall decisions

    -Strengthening the supplier quality controls

    -Extending product development from time to incorporate more safety testing

    -Appointing a proper Chief Safety Technology Officer

    -Launching a new Collaborative Safety Research Center focused on the protecting of most vulnerable that include traffic populations which include children, teens and seniors.

    -Making one of its advanced THUMS crash test software available for the research in University at a nominal cost.

    Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing in North America, Inc. (TEMA) will boost the production earlier than expected following the earthquake of March 11 and tsunami in Japan. Starting in June, the overall North American production will approximately reach 70 percent of normal levels, which are up from approximately 30 percent in May.

    The improvement in the availability of parts from Japan is the result of many countermeasure activities which are implemented by affected suppliers. Toyota will now continue to evaluate production model-by-model on the monthly basis, with a goal of returning to fully normalized production by this year.

    Models normally return to 100 percent production in the month of June are Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Matrix, Sequoia, Sienna and Venza.

    The team members and suppliers of Toyota are working closely on countermeasure activities to improve the condition of parts from Japan. We then continue to develop solutions for the restoration of 100 percent production as soon as possible for all type of North American-made vehicles.


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