Translation to Aramaic as spoken in Jesus' times

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Hi can anyone tell me how to say "Father with you all things are possible" in Aramaic. Help with pronunciating it correctly would be great. Many thanks. Alex

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  1. Guest8590
    What is faith translated in aramaic language

  2. Guest7266
    falling as lightning from the heavens or *heights
  3. Guest2766
    whats the translation in aramaic for - no more pain
  4. Guest8541
    Faith in Aramaic is "haymanoutha" (hay-ma-nu-tha).

    No more pain in Aramaic is 'lit maryouta" (lit, mar-you-ta)

    @Guest9034361, Sorry i cannot tell you what it sounds like as my Aramaic is modern, however you would be able to find out how to say that exact frase if you ask someone else who has better knowledge.
  5. Guest1994
    My flesh and my heart may fail,
    but God is the strength of my heart
    and my portion forever.
    Psalm 73:26
  6. Guest5896
    Jesus es mi fortalez
  7. Guest8392
  8. Guest8407
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