Twice I have had the police enter/attempt to enter my yard to inspect my pool.

by Guest3575  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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It's in compliance, but the officer in the first case took a picture of it to show the neighbor that wanted to see it, as it was behind privacy fence. Last night another cop showed up and wanted to see where my discharge hose was. I'm well within compliance on both issues, so I refused to answer any of the cops questions. Is that the cops doing legal or is he the agent of harassment of the neighbor?

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  1. Guest5112

    Sounds like your neighbor is a jackass.  If it was me, I would call the cops, the city inspector, and everybody else related to that c**p, AND the annoying neighbors.  I'd have them all present together at one time, let the folks that know give it the all clear, and then tell the nosey b*****d to STFU.

    If that doesn't work, just call the city / cops / whatever and make a complaint against the neighbor every time they make a complaint against you.  You'll still get annoyed a lot, but at least you get the satisfaction of knowing they get annoyed every time too.

    Another really nice thing to do would be to go to every website you know trying to sell some stupid worthless c**p, and request their informational brochures / pamphlets / etc.  If you get junk mail yourself, call the people, give them his address, and ask for more information.  Just remember, give HIS address for where to send it all to.  Use a fake name if you feel paranoid, but there wouldn't be anything illegal about it.  Maybe he'll be so busy sorting through all his junk mail, that he won't have time to annoy you anymore.

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