Twilight's Eclipse Directed By Drew Barrymore?

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Though they’ve just started filming Twilight’s first sequel, New Moon, Summit Entertainment is already trying to lock up a director for the third movie, Eclipse. That’s actually somewhat strange. Chris Weitz has barely begun work on Twilight 2 and they’re already looking to replace him. Either Weitz has been adamant that he’s done after one, or Summit has decided to take a page from Harry Potter and do the franchise director hokey-pokey. Stranger still, EW says they may be looking to replace him with Drew Barrymore.

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  1. Merlyn
    Drew has just finished shooting her directorial debut, an Ellen Page movie called Whip It!. She’s helmed one movie, which makes her a newbie, especially compared with the experienced directors Summit hired for the first two films. Right now she’s just one of a select group of directors Summit is talking to, making this merely an oddball possibility. Drew Barrymore seems an unlikely candidate for Summit to entrust its mega-franchise to.

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