Unique gift you can give your girlfriend for Christmas and new year

by Victor Strong  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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Unique gift you can give your girlfriend for Christmas and new year

The best gift you can give your girlfriend for Christmas is the gift of time, attention and love.  This is the time of the year, which gets people closer to their loved ones and allows you to put the entire year in perspective.  When you look at her with love, hold her with passion and talk to her with full attention, she will be on cloud nine.  If you wan gift ideas, I would do something different, something that will show her my appreciation of how important she is.  Normally something out of the norm goes a long way.  I have made handmade cards, a website with our own timeline, entire house lit with candles and got her the diamond ring she always wanted.  Asked her to rank what she loved the most to least.  

She picked:
1. house lit with candles
2. website with our relationship timeline
3. handmade card
4. Diamond ring

This should tell you what really is important to your better half.  As you can notice, she gave more importance to the things I put my own time and effort into.  Would love to hear from others who did something different.

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