Urine Leakage -Urologic Diseases I need a cure

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I am jolly from Canada, I have suffered for the past 7 years with urine leakage my mother want to different doctor seeking solution for my problem with much money involved and wasted but still there was no cure to my problem my mother was recommend to a African Herbal doctor and this doctor told my mother that he can send me a the best herbal treatment for my problem, my mother was able to order it for me when we received the page by courier service, I then open it the smell was very disgusting and it tasted very bitter it was never an easy task for me to take such treatment but I was encouraged by my mum, I also work with the instruction manual that came along with order and after 12 day I notice a reduction in my urine leakage before the next week I then notice that it stop completely but still the doctor told my mother that I most not stop until I am able to finish my dosage but to the glory of the lord today I am free by the help of this natural treatment  for those who are interred to order this treatment herbs you can email contact doctor miller:    he is located in Southern Africa

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