Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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As Valentines day 2011 is approaching, everyone must be looking for cool gift ideas for him or her valentines day gift ideas, valentine s day gift ideas for him, the best valentine for their boyfriend or girlfriend, valentine s day crafts etc. I want to create a big list of valentine day gift ideas and crafts etc, so share your idea!

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  1. Guest3166

    Red roses, perfect valentines day dift idea for her!

  2. Guest8503

    iPhone 4 for him, my idea of a perfect valentine's day gift!

  3. Guest5703

    A bunch of roses, cool yet cheap valentines day gift idea!

  4. Guest5643

    Chocolates can also be a perfect idea for valentine day gift for both him and her

  5. Guest2171

     Chocolates are a great noncommittal gift. Get your beloved a box that emits class, not something from the drugstore, and get her a variety box if you don't know whether she's a caramel girl or more into truffles.

  6. Guest8855

    As valentines day is near to come. According to my opinion sweets, cards flowers, bookays etc can be given to your love ones. if a person is an artist then he/ she can give its hand made painting as well. It depends on persons taste. I think any thing which give a good look which you like.

  7. Guest5001

    Chocolates,teddy beer, cards...., your own self the most important thing along with a single rose

  8. Guest5142

    I would like to have Bughatti Veron on this valentine!

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