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Could you tell me about PADARI BIJOY MISRA?




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    Dr.  Padari Bijoy Misra is an Indian American, came in United states in 1972 as a Visiting Scientist to National Center for Atmospheric. He is very active in the local community matters and providing assistance in organizing events for a long time.  He has made great efforts for the success of the Shishubharati  School and New England Hindu Temple.  He is also very active and helpful in providing counsel and assistance for the parents and children of Indian descent in the New England area in need.  He gives the lectures at Harvard University on behalf of the Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies.  He facilitates the Indian American community in interfaith events in understanding of the community in the larger complex of American life.  

    When he was in India, he wrote about the inequalities of Indian society that include oppression, exploitation, bonded labor and class structure.  His popular motivational songs created awareness among farmers, miners, laborers and common men about their rights.

    In results he was arrested and was sent to a remote jail in Bihar.  He knocked the door of fight in the Supreme Court of India for his release.

    In an interview he said “I wanted to stay in India, but the political climate was too harsh. My mother and family were getting disheartened.  We were worried about father’s health.  I wanted to leave to survive and to help my mother.  I wanted to look at India from a distance.  My principal goal was to gain my father’s freedom which I succeeded.”

    Dr. Misra is a physicist by training with teaching positions at Harvard and MIT. He was the first Indian who received the world Meteorological Organization Award for Young Scientists. He has also prepared a book on knowledge classification and formulated a comprehensive knowledge model.


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