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I'm Biracial American myself but have study this trend where I live(in America), I don't know how it is with Biracial's outside America but in America I see this trend with famous & non-famous Biracial Americans & I'm just curious about this, WHY?
I know Barack Obama & Halle Berry; and a few Biracial's like them are the exceptions but They are not the majority or the norm with Biracial Americans in the type of people they end up with. Also is this trend with Foreign Biracials(biracial Europeans, Biracial Africans(in Africa), Biracial Caribbeans(in the Caribbean), Biracial hispanics and etc) as well or is it completely different in those regions of the world?

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  2. Liz Vasquez

    Well, personally to me, I am a biracial Hispanic (or Latina) from the Latin Caribbean, which is pretty much synonymous with being mixed race, since most people from the Caribbean are mixed.


    I find that for me, your thought process of biracial men with white mothers are usually attracted to white women, because of their own mothers being white.  That seems to make sense.  That principle can also apply to women of mixed race, as I married and conceived a child with a white man myself, since apparently, my father is white (Latin), and maybe on a subconscience level, I selected a white (but American white--a redneck!) partner.  I never really gave it much thought, but since you are engaging in this discussion, it has made me consider this fact.  


    And I was 'daddy's little girl' or 'princess' too.  He took me everywhere with him and bought me things when I was a child, so I was spoiled by my father, to a certain degree.  So there must be a connection to having some affection towards non-black men.  Plus, growing up, I witnessed other family members, like my aunts who were abused by their black husbands/boyfriends, including my own mother who was beat by her American black boyfriend (just like one of my aunts).  


    That probably developed my distain for black men over the years.  That could be why I'm not attracted to them.  But let me say that my white husband is no longer my husband anymore (for over 15 years now) and I feel that he may have been a phase or something!  :)  (after a 11.5 years of marriage!)  ...Before him, I never dated a white guy, nor was I attracted to one before him or after!


    ...I am mostly attracted to Latin men, primarily because of the culture, since that is how I was raised and that is what I feel most comfortable with.  Before I met my ex-husband, that was all I dated and after I divorced, that has been the only type of man that I am still attracted to as well.

  3. Guest7468
    Maybe it's because most of these men have white mothers & black american fathers. kids are raised and more influenced by their mothers side then fathers side of the family, and when it comes to men most of the time they want to marry somebody that is like their mother(and theres nothing wrong with that), so it shouldn't be a surprise that most Biracial American men marry or end up with white women.
    When it comes to Biracial women well from what I noticed in my experience is that most are attracted to black men not white men, and some black american men favor them over black women sometimes. Also many white men don't even give a second look to biracial black women, they only consider white women & Asian women their ideal.
  4. Guest9689
    It sucks.
    I notice if white men ever do happen to be attracted to mono-racial black women though, they're usually really, really dark skinned.
    I guess they'd rather go "all or nothing".
    It's tough for an in-between black woman with that.
  5. Guest6575
    Most Black biracial men have white mothers, so they are used to seeing that particular female influence & in America having light skinned or white women are the epitome of beauty in America, so Biracial american men for the most part mostly end up with white women. A big example of this was in a article I read about a white mother of three black biracial sons, she mentioned how one day her son came home and told her a story of how a black girl said she had a crush on him, and he responded to her & said ewwww.. I don't go out with black girls they are ugly. The lady never mentioned how the black girl responded to her son but she tried to tell her son that beauty was in every race but her son disagreed & told her that even his dad who is black is not married to a black women, to prove his point. his white mother froze & was in shock and didn't know how to respond to that. Any way As you said a few do go with black american women(ex. Obama) but most of the time these men come from black mothers, so I guess it doesn't bother them. When it comes to Biracial females in America though from what I've noticed is most white men are not attracted to them, only black men, so that's why you see many settle for black american men. I saw this on the show Ricki Lake, a biracial female(she looked like a light skinned jill Scott)wanted to tell her racist white mother that she was going out with a black man, when she told her mother, her mother was mad and said don't you want beautiful children. The biracial female said she feels more comfortable with black men because they don't judge her and no white men ever liked her or was attracted to her.
    Also to answer you last question is it a trend around the world? NO, only in the western world especially America, and for the most part in the U.K. because I have heard that many biracial male athletes from England are also in that trend too But I have heard it is the reverse with biracial people from Africa & The Caribbean because most come from foreign black mothers from that part of the world & They live in a society where light skin is not the epitome of beauty, so their are more biracial men with black women couple's over there. When it comes to Foreign biracial women from Africa or the Caribbean it 50/50 but I've heard most end up with foreign black men but not for the reasons that American Biracial women are going through. For them it's more of the fact that most prefer men from the culture they grew up from, and since they grew up from their mothers who are foreign black, they want men that identify with that culture from what I have heard. So no it's not the same trend in Africa or the Caribbean, and I believe it's true because Sean Paul & Bob Marley are both from the Caribbean & these men mostly went out with black women from the Caribbean, Bob Marley ended up marrying a black Jamaican wife.

    I do agree with the last guest that White men tend to go with the black women over biracial women & they tend to be dark skinned but I must add though that most these white men that are into these black women in the first place tend to be foreign white men, especially from Europe not white American men, that most foreign biracials from Africa or the Caribbean tend to have white European fathers, and sometimes 50% of the time the black women are foreign. For example Tia & Tamara Mowry, Thandie Newton, Tracee Ellis Ross, Bob Marley, naomie Leonir, Leila Arceiri, and more have white European fathers. Most biracials in the world that have black mothers/white fathers, majority of the time the father is foreign white.
  6. Guest1158
    well I'm a black american man, and from my observation I always see biracial men with white girls, whether it's preference or not I'm not sure but come to think of it the ones I know all have white mothers, so maybe it's based on female influence. The funny or strange part about it is these men will have the swagger of a black man but won't step to a black female. Any way when it comes to a biracial female, well from what I noticed is most biracial women & white american men are not attracted to each other. Black biracial females tend to like the swagger of black men, and are drawn to them more then white men, maybe because their fathers are mostly black(but there are some biracial females that have non-black fathers & still prefer black men over  so maybe their is something else that influence that). lets face it white men are boring. At the same time many white men are not into them either, I mostly see them either with their women or a sian chick. If they do go out with a biracial female, it's most likely a non-black biracial female, for example a white/asian mix. Overall though I don't think it's always like that look at karyn parsons or Halle Berry they were into white men & Barack obama's wife is black. So I don't think it's always like that but the ternd you ask is common though?
  7. Guest978
    well i personal hate black and white folks equally i am biracial, but most of my friends and girl friends are Asian. though as i am a geek i must admit i find white women more attractive than black, mainly being that there are more white geeks. Though as overall groups i find whites and blacks equally unattractive
  8. Guest1922
    Most biracial men in America have white mothers, so I don't know why people are surprised about this. Men marry women like their mothers most of the time, regardless of their race. That's why majority of white, Asian, Black and etc men are married to women of their own race.
  9. Guest8897
    My husband is black/white and I am black so... I guess they do marry black women
  10. Guest6189
    I think it's a regional thing. On the east coast and south I see slot of biracial men with black women( married). But on the west coast and rocky mountain region, I see biracial brothers with white women. If you have only lived in "one" region you can't say what the norm is!!!!!  Furthermore, you can't tell if someone is biracial by just "looking" at them. Threre are a TON of lighter African- Americans whose parents and grandparents are black.

    So just because you see a light AA with a black or white women it's not always indicative of what biracial people do. (because many times they are not biracial anyway. I have experienced this first hand!
  11. Guest8700

     it depends how they are raised, which side they lean too and who their mother is from my experience

  12. Guest5106

    Ever thought of this one, genius? They just fall in love with a person. I don't think I looked for a certain color before falling in love with the man I'm with. You should feel insulted by your own comments. 

  13. Guest7615

    90% biracial men from America marry white women, and that 90% all have white mothers, so what do you expect

  14. Guest6679

     i have noticed that and i feel it depends on what female influence they are used to seeing when young and that the image they will gravitate to when they grow up as men

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