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  1. Guest3871
    Big p***s.  I'm latina i don't really care to be with a black men.  I have been with white man that also have big p***s.

  2. Guest1434
    The heart of the matter is that most white men have very small, boyish penises. Black men are generally more endowed. The white p***s is not very rewarding in itself and many women complain that they 'can't feel anything,' especially if their v****a has previously been stretched by a black p***s. That does not necessarily mean that white men cannot be good lovers, but they will have to compete with L*****n lovers. The reason why black men have a larger p***s  than white men is to avoid this humiliation.
  3. Guest6119
    LOL total troll question.
  4. Guest7164
    They don't, unless they're whores or ghetto trash.
  5. Guest314
    You people are stupid and crazy!!! Get help!!
  6. Guest1197
    They don't.
    Really, you're just wishing.
    Only the ones with mental problems, or the ones that are too fat to get a white guys interest.
    You can have them all! We don't want them anyway.
    Isn't it great to see the fat white chick, with black babys, buying used tires for her $100 car. No child support? It's God's punishment for having low standards.
  7. Guest9552
    Why does white women prefer black men?

    I can tell by your grammer you are black.
    I must compliment you for not saying "white wimins"
    I once had a black man say to me
    "Eyes sure likes f****n white wimins."
    To which I responded "I can understand that,
    black women are so f*****g ugly!"
    If a sane white woman has s*x with a black man,
    pepper-spray is usually involved.
  8. Guest7719
    They don't, the ones that do are just trash, and you can have them.
  9. Guest32
    ok. number on you are black and probly a man that wrote that. its do ignorant a*s, not does women. its plural not singular, mr. 1st grade. #2 and more importantly it some white woman like blacks, not all. give it up moron
  10. Guest4248
    Answer to the one below this. Don't you know white people aren't supposed to make fun of the way black people talk? White people aren't supposed to notice how bad they smell, or how loud they are in public places, like movie theaters or restaurants. White people must accept them as equals. You should try to get your children to dress and talk like they do. We need to lower the standard for human behavior, so the blacks don't feel like second class citizens. They can not act civilized, so whites need to start acting like unsophisticated savages, we owe it to them. Amen
  11. Guest4387

    I think white women see the Blackman on Sundays the NFL gladiator, bulging fit and toned bronzed to chocolate bodies doing incredible things with the power and grace of a Stallion, they want to have our offsprings and capture some of that.

  12. Guest6684

    Because The women who date black men are trash and can't get a educated black women so thty go after low class women. One thing i notice is that black men hate themselves, no other race of men run away from there women. I feel sorry they have self hate.  

  13. Guest7314

    the p***s is bullshit i know black guy that has a 2 inch and mine is far above average im white

  14. Guest6913

    LOL!  Ha!  Even black girls tell me that thing about the black p***s is a Myth! LOL 

    Typical black moron come on - I is stuid, I is ugly, but I have a big ****

    If that's all an intelligent, decent woman wanted we would buy a horse - less chance of AIDS! LOL


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