Walking for fitness and weight loss

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How much walk is beneficial for fitness and weight loss? Please provide me details regarding my query.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Walking assists to become better your general health and fitness and is a good practice to reduce weight, strengthen your muscles, improve your heart and introduce a general feeling of good and affirmative self-confidence.

    Benefits of walking

    • Walk can helps you to burn calories

    • Assist towards keeping a healthy weight

    • increase your metabolism

    • Helpful in lessen down body fat

    • increase energy level

    • Strengthens your legs

    • Make the immune system strong

    • Improves your blood circulation

    • Regulates your blood pressure

    • Assists to maintain diabetes level

    • Reduces mental stress and release tension

    • It aids to improve the ability to sleep early and well

    • It can be done almost anywhere

    • It’s more environmentally friendly than driving"

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