Want to Adopt an Unborn Child From the Philippines?

by Chris Concepcion  |  9 years, 11 month(s) ago

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Want to Adopt an Unborn Child From the Philippines?

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  1. Chris Concepcion

     Filipino Birth parents seeking for a loving home for a child. We are looking for decent foster parents (christian, married couple) who could provide a good education, a caring home and a loving family... ones who can provide good values and upbringing to our child in an environment a growing child deserves.

    We are hoping to find loving parents that could maintain honesty and will be able to make the child understand the situation right from the very start. Looking forward to discussing this further.

    Please note that we are not offering the child in exchange of money, just an assurance that our child gets what any person deserves in life. Assistance for medical requirements are welcome and will greatly be appreciated.

    For inquiries on the setup please email us at:


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