Want to know detail about Taxila Museum

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I am looking for the details about Taxila Museum, when its construction started and what type of museum it is.

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    Taxila Museum is  established  at Taxila, Punjab, Pakistan. Construction of Taxila museum  begun  in 1918, its  base   pebble   prepared  by Lord Chemsford, vicery of India in 1918. Construction was  resolved  in 1928 and the  repository  was opened for public by Sir Habibullah then the ministry for Education. Sir John Marshall who was going to be  left  from the  mail  of Director General of Archaeological  review  of India in 1928, could not  entire  its  initial  plan. The government of Pakistan  assembled  the  to the north  gallery in 1998. There are 4000  things   brandished,   encompassing   pebble,  stucco, terracotta,  shiny,  gold,  metal  and semiprecious stones. Mainly the  brandish   comprises  of  things  from the  time span  600 B.C to 500 AD. Buddhist, Hindu and Jain cults are well  comprised  through these  things   found out  from three  very  vintage    towns  and more than two dozen Buddhist stupas and monasteries and Greek temples. Taxila Museum is  established  35 km from Islamabad on the Grand Trunk Road to Peshawar. It is  well  renowned   for  continues  of Gandhara art. Most of the sites at Taxila,  going out with  back 600 BCE to 500 CE, are  established   round  the Taxila Museum.

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