Way to get Philippines dual citizenship?

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I was born in USA but my parents are Filipino citizens and I want to apply for dual nationality in Philippines. I tried a lot to search for the procedure to do that but did not find one. Someone please help me in this. I would be really thankful for this help.

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  1. Guest1275
    In order to get a Filipino dual nationality first of all prove that you are a natural-born Filipino or if you are a former citizen, born in the Philippines, show a copy of your birth certificate certified by the National Statistics Office. If you were not born in Philippines then show a copy of your birth certificate or a report of birth, certified by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate.
    Prepare your Petition for Dual Citizenship and Issuance of Identification Certificate (IC) pursuant to RA 9225. Get the form titled "Citizen Retention and Re-Acquisition".
    Attach three photographs to the above mentioned form. These pictures should sized 2-by-2 inches and should show your front, left and right side views respectively.
    Submit your application, pictures, birth certificate and a valid identification card to the Philippine Embassy or Consulate.
    Take your oath of allegiance before an officer of the Consulate. You will receive a copy of your notarized oath of allegiance as well as an Order of Approval signed by the Consulate General (see Resources).
    Wait to receive your Identification Certificate. The Bureau of Immigration in Manila will issue this document once it receives your application, oath, order of approval and supporting documents.
    Visit the Bureau of Immigration, Philippines for more information on how to apply for dual citizenship (see Resources).

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