Ways of charging dead car batteries

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It was the beginning of the year and now again its January making one complete year that I had bought a new battery for my car. Although you do not get warranty for over 6 months but still the car batteries keep working for more than a year. Someone kindly tell me some ways for charging dead car batteries.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Replacing your car battery is good but may not be feasible every time you have to. There can be a situation that you may be short of budget for buying a new battery. Keeping all such circumstances in view here are some ways for you to charge dead car batteries.

    Charging with your car. If your car battery is dead and the alternator is not producing electricity to charge the battery then drive for about 30 minutes and the battery will be charged.

    Using Jump cables. Connecting your car’s battery with the battery of a working car can charge your battery. You have to keep the connection till the dead car starts and once it has started immediately remove the cables. Do not switch off the car for atleast 30 minutes till the dead battery is properly charged.

    Solar battery charging. It is advised to buy a small solar charger that will keep on charging your battery for an unlimited time when you have left it unattended. 

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