We are a stable loving couple looking to adopt a baby boy

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Hi - we are Cory and Keith and we are a same s*x couple together for almost 9 years.  We are home study approved and are working with an agency.  We desperately want to give a child an abundance of love and security with the best things life has to offer.  We have 2 homes with lots of room for a child or children to play.  One is in NYC and the other is about 2 hours outside the city.  We have tons of female role models around us and both have large extended families.  Adoption is already part of our extened family.  We put up our dreams to God and the universe knowing that the right child will come into our lives at the right time - maybe its now - maybe its next month - maybe its next year.  Please know how much we admire anyone having to make such a difficult decision.  We want an open adoption and want to share pictures and events and traditions with the birth mom and dad.  Our phone number is 877-354-0525, our agency Forever Families Through Adoption can be reached at 866-922-3678 or you can email us at  Our prayers are with you.

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  1. Guest2274

    Hello , is there any adoptive parents still looking to adopt a baby ?? Please i am placing my ad in regard of my little boy who is only 9 months old now looking for a stable and a christian family who will help me and my son ... I am 22 year old and got pregnancy and was able to give this baby a better life and all what he deserve ... I am on my knees pleading any adoptive parents who can help out our situation .... You can e-mail me ( ) i am ready to hand over the custody of this baby to any adoptive Parents .... Please only serious parents should contact me please ...

    Thanks and waiting ...

    Erika .

  2. Guest4927

    Erika please stop preying on people with this scam of yours.  You claim to be so Christian but would Christ do what you are doing to people?  It is so very cruel.  My God would forgive you but I hope yours does not.

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