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I need help with my webpage title. I am confused in placing right keywords. Should I use high search volume keywords or what… which keywords are right for me? Someone please help me in this.I would be really great full.

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    Here are 10 SEO tips to improve the web page. This also includes the method to improve web page title. Hope these tips will help you.

    Improve Web Page Titles and Remove Duplicates

    Look through your web pages. How many of them have no titles or titles that are too generic / duplicates?

    It is very easy to get a list of all titles and description tags using SEOLab URL Explorer (part of SEOLab Professional). Simply type in a URL to get a list of the titles and description tags of every page linked from that URL. It just takes a few minutes!

    Modify your titles to include important keyword phrases and get rid of duplicate titles.

    Improve the Web Page Headings

    Do the same with your web page headings. Use a good page structure that includes <h1>, <h2>, <h3> tags. Don't over use the h1 tag.

    SEOLab URL Explorer is extremely useful for checking heading structure of web pages. The lower panel in the software window has a tab called "Headings" which will show you all the heading tags used for the page highlighted in the top panel.

    Make sure that the headings are natural and contain the important keywords if relevant. Simply don't stuff keywords into headings.

    Check Web Page Copy

    Use keyword phrases in your web page content. Keywords when used properly as part of web page text can really increase your traffic from long-tail keyword searches. However, don't over-stuff keywords and make your web pages spammy.

    Make Effective Use of Anchor Texts

    Use keywords in link texts (anchor text). Replace the links that say click here to more relevant ones that have the keyword in it, if possible. Use good anchor texts even if you are linking to pages on your own sites (internal links)

    SEOLab URL Explorer is very handy for checking anchor texts. You can quickly get a list of all anchor texts used in any web page with a single click after entering the URL!

    Create relevant Alt Tags for Images

    Use relevant image tags (img alt tags). Many images may not even have an alt text. Look through your web pages and add them wherever possible.

    Alt tags are used for images so that people with visual disabilities can understand what the image is about (for example, a text reader can read out the alternate text).

    The SEOLab URL Explorer will help here too. The "Anchor" tab in the lower panel will display links with an image as

    IMG [Anchor Text]

    Don't stuff keywords into the alt tag. Just describe what the image is about. Some people do suggest optimizing the alt tag because it is used by Google image search.

    Check Your Competition

    Do a Google / Yahoo / Live (Bing) search for the keywords and then study the top competitors. Improve your products, services and web pages based on your research. The blog post linked above has some tips.

    Competition research is very easy if you use SEOLab Professional.

    Write Articles or Blog

    Write an article that contains some of the important keyword phrases and post it to your blog. Don't have a blog? Start one. If you don't want to mess with technical things you can easily start a blog by signing up at Blogger or Typepad.

    Start a PPC campaign

    Start a Pay Per Click campaign and Bid on the keyword phrases. Create new Adword groups if required. Make sure that your landing pages have good quality score before you create new ad-groups.

    Learn From Your Log Files

    Study your log files and pick all the long-tail keyword phrases used by your visitors. The advantage of studying long-tail keywords is that the intention behind the search is more easy to understand. Do you think your product or service can help such visitors?  Optimize your web pages so that you offer what they are looking for.

    Get Inbound Links

    Try and convince others to link to your web pages using relevant anchor texts. While this may not be always possible, you can and should ask your affiliates and friends to use relevant and useful keyword phrases while linking to you.


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