Well known Bridal shops in Lahore

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I need to buy a wedding dress. Does anyone know Best Bridal shops in Lahore to find inexpensive wedding dresses at? My wedding date is very near and wants this information as soon as possible.

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  1. Guest2895
    Some of the Best Bridal shops in Lahore are listed below: Fatima Masooma Fabrics Center +92-301-8235677, Asifa & Nabeel +92-42-35858246, 786 Tailors and Cloth House +92-300-8053742, Abdullah Fabrics (E.F) +92-42-35217282, Abeeraz +92-42-35781823.

  2. Guest3966

     Here is the list of some good bridal shops in Lahore Pakistan:

    • Fatima Masooma Fabrics Center +92-301-8235677

    Lg- 25,26 Khan Tower Defence More, Lahore

    • Asifa & Nabeel +92-42-35858246

    17-Babar Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan

    • 786 Tailors and Cloth House +92-300-8053742

    Shop No. 2, Malik Market, Raja Ram Street No. 24, Gowal Mandi, Lahore

    • Abdullah Fabrics (E.F) +92-42-35217282

    Shop No. 261, Block No. 12, Faisal Market, Town Ship, Lahore

    • Abeeraz +92-42-35781823

    G-50, Siddique Trade Centre, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan

    • Abresham Boutique +92-322-4444123

    28 Lower Ground Floor, City Towers, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan

    • Aisha Imran +92-42-35781798

    G-48, Siddiq Trade Centre, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan

    • Al Hammad Embroidery +92-42-37910123

    12km Sheikhupura Road, Near Sufi Soap Factory, Liberty Town, Lahore

    • Ali's Bridal Gallery +92-42-35872959

    Ashrafi Tower, 19-Comercial Zone, Liberty Market, Lahore, Pakistan

    • Araish +92-42-37230635

    Shop No. 1, Ghosia Mansion, Khanam Bazar, New Anarkali, Lahore

    • Aroos-E- Khas +92-42-35756960

    14-G, Empire centre, Main Boulevard Gulberg II, lahore, Pakistan

    • ARSHADs +92-42-35754441

    1-B, Block P Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan

    • Azeem Tailors +92-322-4403184

    Rasheed Pura Road, Kotli Peer Abdul Rehman, Baghanpura, Lahore

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