Werewolf symptoms compiled.

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Werewolf like symptoms.
From what I've gathered and studied seems to me that all site point to some of the same symptoms.
Excessive hair, abnormal aggression, elongated k-9's, bigger appetites, craving for meat, slightly pointed ears,
mysterious eyes, and strangely people are attracted to them.
These are some symptoms but for new budding werewolves, the symptoms can vary depending on the individual.

I find myself with all of these symptoms, but the headaches, have dimmed my vision, my hearing and smell have doubled, and latly the smell of flesh makes my mouth water.
I've also found out something else, it might be chracterized by the wolf genes, the need to breed in the winter. Yes, my s*x drive goes through the roof during the colder months. It's almost driving me crazy, to find someone.
It might just be me in the winter months who acts a little more hornier than normal. That could be another symptom as well.
Call me crazy, but some stuff doesn't add up, like every website virtually has all the same symptoms, maybe one's a little different. Another is when people comment saying that they are what they say they are.
There's alot of odd things in this world that people don't wanna admit is the truth.
Because the truth hurts worse than anything.

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  1. Guest817
    I'm writing a paper on how similar it seems some descriptions of symptoms of a werewolf resemble symptoms of a manic episode. It comes on almost like the full moon of a calendar. I can predict it or feel it coming. It lasts at a high, about the same length as the three days of a full moon. Your senses are hightened. Your craving for s*x and agression are intense. Your confidence unstoppable. You see and hear differently. Your are more charming to lure unsuspecting individuals. You are kind of aware of what you are doing in this phase but can't judgementally stop your actions. You sometimes wake up at the end of a cylce in a strangers home, with out clothes, wondering what exactly you did  and where you are. Trying to remember if you hurt anyone?
  2. Guest128
    seriously, i flipping doubt it. i hear WAY to many people say they are experiencing "werewolf symptoms" or that "im a werewolf". i hate to steal your thunder or whatver but there. is. no. such. thing. as werewolves.
       I won't beleive untll theres a large,wolfy head hanging up on mah mantle.
  3. Guest8203

    do you p**p?

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