What Are Tomboy 11 turning 12 b-day party ideas

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What Are Tomboy 11 turning 12 b-day party ideas

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  1. pabitraghadai

    Whatever your party’s theme, you’re going to need something to keep the guests busy and entertained. Your theme may lend itself to a particular type of entertainment – in fact, the murder mystery party is pretty much its own entertainment – but if not, or if your party is not themed, consider these ideas:

       **1.** Hire a D.J. Many deejays don’t just play music; they also act as an M.C. of sorts. They’re also likely to have a broad range of music, so they should be able to find something that fits the party theme (if you have one) and that your teen and his or her friends will like. Or, for do-it-yourselfers, create your own entertainment with a karaoke machine.

       **2.** Rent a limo or a party bus. This generally works best if you have a destination in mind, but it could be fun just to go for a drive.

       **3.** Have a bonfire. If you have the right location, a bonfire can be excellent, low-budget party entertainment. All you need is some hotdogs and marshmallows for toasting.

       **4.** Play laser tag or paintball. Usually, you have to rent time at a designated laser tag or paintball center, but if you have a large property, you may be able to rent the equipment and set up your own course. For smaller-scale action, consider renting a Wii for the evening.

       **5.** Do makeovers. No teenage girl can resist the lure of eyeshadow, lipstick and blush (oh my!). Depending on your budget, you could even hire a professional makeup artist to give the girls tips. And personalized makeup kits make great party favors


  2. Guest6844
    You can have a specific theme such as:
    murder mystery
    the x factor
    American idol
    Bug Eating

    For the hollywood theme :
    get people to dress as their favorite popstars and buy a red carpet.Hire a limo for an hour to drive you to a restaraunt with a couple of close friends.
    Go back to your house for a sleepover.

    For the Bug Eating theme:
    Have a party at ur house with a bunch of friends. Buy snacks and party hats,ballons and banners.  After the party food get out a bug eating kit (which can be bought in argos or ur local toy store). You  can eat all sorts from ants to scorpions!!! It is really fun as i did it once just as a random party. Then have a midnight feast  and watch a scary movie. If ur still up mega-late tell stories in the dark or buy torches and play hide and seek in the dark in ur bedroom!

    You could go swimming or ice skating with a few friends but sometimes this could be quite expensive.

    i hope my suggestions have helped

  3. Guest8530
    Make candy  
    Flash Light Tag
    Zombie Jailbreak - Board Game
    Make Cups of Dirt - Oreo cookies crunched at the bottom, chocolate pudding in the middle and top with a gummy worm.
    Dress-up like a movie character
    Drink pop and eat JUNK FOOD
    Scary Movie Night
  4. Guest9695
    Jonny not all girls like makeup
  5. Guest4021
    4 my 11 yr old b-day i just invited my friends  over we went on the internet 2gether and then we had a camp fire and a sleepover. wen u get old enough u don't need a theme! we luv our friends 2 much 2 need 2 be prompetd 2 do something :). hope u don't theme it. ur kid will appreciate it beleive me! i just turned 11 and i luved not having a theme. it makes us feel 'grown up'. hope it helps and happy b-day!!
  6. Guest8014
    Go to an amusement park, or have a sleepover and watch movies and things like that. Or you could go to a skating rink or bowling ally, or just go out to the movies.
  7. Guest3864

    I hate makeup and evrything!! im turnnin 12 nxt month and i was thinkin goin ice-scatin or bowling or if they cost too much just have rides on the quad haha happy bdat bye

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