What Elin Nordegren Tiger Woods wife did before she married Tigerwood

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What Elin Nordegren Tiger Woods wife did before she married Tigerwood.  Yes there is always a life before celebrity wedding and here is what Elin did:

Tiger’s beautiful wife, Elin, was “discovered” by photographer Bingo Rimer in her native Sweden at age 20, but she had little interest in spending her life in front of a camera. "Elin doesn't care about modeling," Rimer told Sports Illustrated in 2004. "She never has. Even the few things I got her to do, I had to drag her into the studio.” Elin, who comes from a wealthy family (her mom is a politician and her dad is a radio journalist), dropped modeling to enroll at Sweden’s Lund University and hoped to become a child psychologist before she moved to the U.S.

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