What Google is up to next

by Victor Strong  |  7 years, 4 month(s) ago

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What Google is up to next?

After the success of search and more recently the Anrodi operating system, Google works with robots for street distribution
"The evolution of Android 's collective "

There is a race for automation and all big companies are playing to win. If Amazon will distribute packages  via drone, Google will do it with robots. With the air drones , robots on sidewalks and driverless cars on the road , the street is going to be impossible to cross if the projects they are working on are successful.

Andy Rubin , who left the development of the Android operating system , announced in an interview with The New York Times plans in the works : the creation of an army of robots to perform mundane jobs from manufacturing chain to home delivery.

Eight months ago, Rubin left the direction of successful Android operating system. In 2005 Google bought the company that was created and dedicated to develop software that would slow the expansion of mobile Apple devices.

After eight years promoting Android, which is already implemented in 80% of smartphones in the world, Rubin, the man behind it, left Android in March to pursue a covert mission.  In the words of Larry Page , CEO of Google, was another moonshot, another launch spectacular that would put Google in the forefront of technology, as did Android.

These robots  creation mission is not surprisingly given to Rubin who is a robotics engineer, who began his career in the German Carl Zeiss to jump to take
Android were it is. During these months Rubin has worked on the development of a division of androids for transport missions and handling in factories.

Rubin does not work alone . In half a year Google has bought seven companies dedicated to robotics : Holomi , Autofuss ( PLCs wheels), Bots and Dolly ( remote cameras ), Redwood Robotics ( specializing in arms android ) , Meka ( humanoids ), Industrial Perception ( robots load and unload trucks) and Schaft , the latter also a Japanese company focused on robots for factories.

Currently , Andy Rubin will have a free hand, has no time limit , nor his mission will be monitored by anyone beyond Page. His plan is not part of the program of futuristic projects of the company, as Glass Eye, the driverless car ( already approved in some states), lead to poor Internet balloon or get Google clean energy for all countries.

Will Google be successful with Robotic mission as it has been with search?  My quick answer is No but would love to hear from others who think otherwise.

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