What Google logo colors mean?

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I like Google logo but it is colorful yet very simple. Does anyone know what the Google logo colors means? I have searched a lot but still confused about the real meaning of Google logo colors. Can you please let me know what it is all about?

I am waiting for your comprehensive answer.


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  1. Manuel

    Pardon. I was not clear in my response. I was talking about the Google Chrome Logo. Look at it carefully.

  2. Manuel

     The combination of the colors form the numbers 666. This is a common practice amongst the elite to hide this number withing their logo design.

  3. Guest4418

    Hello there

    You know there are different meanings of these colors.  

    The first thing I come to know is that blue, red, and yellow represent the primary colors when dealing with the arts. On the other hand when it is about developing software, however, the color scale is RGB, which is why the next 3 colors are Red green and blue.

    The second answer which has been given out by different people that this is just a guess, but still the outstanding explanation is associated with  such colors are typically assigned to letters according to whether their positions represent a prime number or do not.

    But on the same time it can be said that these colors are the perfect representation of the different regions of the world and focusing on the equality and closeness of the whole world. I think this is the perfect representation of the colors.

    There might be some other representations as well, but those retranslations are not focused on the exact meanings or cannot represent the key aspects of the GOOGLE.

    I hope this will help. Still need some more, than do consult me here.



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