What If I lost my Lufthansa ticket?

by Guest7304  |  9 years, 5 month(s) ago

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I have lost the ticket of Lufthansa and want to refund that ticket. Is there any refund of lost ticket in Lufthansa? Can someone tell me that?

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  1. Guest1744
    An airline ticket is a contractual and legal document and is therefore the responsibility of the passenger. Should the ticket be lost through unfortunate circumstances, it will be settled on a case by case basis whether a replacement document can be issued or whether it is necessary to purchase another ticket. A tip: if you are travelling on an etix® - our electronic ticket – you will never be in the unfortunate position of losing your ticket because it will be stored in our database. You can find more information about etix® on, at any travel agency and at all Lufthansa booking offices.

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