What Is Justin Bieber's Favourite Color????

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What Is Justin Bieber's Favourite Color????

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  1. Guest6260

  2. Guest8724
    purple (SO IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  3. Guest1793
    Pink is so mine dont steal.He is a hunk and s**y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love him very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Guest1089
  5. Guest4107
    uhm..!!!!!! it was violet..... maybe red..eww
  6. Guest9488
  7. Guest6927
    blue  that color he wears a lot
  8. Guest6964
  9. Guest3597
  10. Guest5324
    justins favourite colour is blue - he said so in an interview!!
  11. Guest505
    His fav color is blue he said so himself. That is my fav color!!!
  12. Guest5672
  13. Guest4691
    i think blue bc he wares blue alot!lol thats my fav. color!!!
  14. Guest4572
  15. Guest849
  16. Guest129
    all colours :P
  17. Guest1215
  18. Guest9310
    his fave color is prabably blue he wears it alot but im not sure? dats my fave color.
  19. Guest2782
    well he wears alot a purple oh justin if u read this today can u come tomy christmas party in my school on12-18-09 plz i would luv if u were thereit is in dallas texas it is called anne frank elementary

    i luv u

  20. Guest8791
    its blue but his favorite color 2 wear is purple :)
  21. Guest918
    his faorite color is blue and purple because i red it in a magazine and he liikes to wear purple too and he likes purple he looks  sooooooo fine in purple he is the lovve of my life
  22. Guest7113
    i think it might be purple , but im not sure
  23. Guest6806
    Justin's favorite color is blue but his fsvorite color to wear is purple. Justin I love you!!!! You're awesome!!!!
  24. Guest9528
    justin bieber favourite color is purple and blue. i like purple and red.
  25. Guest1880
    i am pretty sher it blue
  26. Guest6576
    his fave color is black cuz i took a quiz bout him and entered in blue i got it wrong.
  27. Guest5864
    justins fave color is blue and his fave color to wear is purple
  28. Guest5294
  29. Guest3952
    purple and blue and pink
  30. Guest6016
    duh stupid people its blue i should know
  31. Guest4060
    duh stupid people its blue i should know
  32. Guest5136
  33. Guest9771
    I think that Justin Beiber's Favourite Colour is blue or red, because, well just because I think that. I hope one of his favourite colours are one of those.
    Love You Justin!*********
  34. Guest1645
  35. Guest3647
    well i know for a fact it is inbeetwin blue nd purple okaii nd i have searched everywhere nd it says hay am purple nd blue but blue i think is every1 fav color its mine soo it has to be purple nd blue thay am the best colors oh yeahhh yayyyy to justin ieber booooo to aston merrygold
  36. Guest5886
    I think Justins favorite color is blue and his favotite color to wear is purple
  37. Guest9296
    justin fav. color is definitely  purple and blue and every one should kno that n i kno that cuz i interview him on msn and he said purple n blue
  38. Guest3728
    I think that Justin bieber favorite color is black and pink and gray and purple and i want to be the girlfriend.By the way my name is Jessica bieber and i am 15 years old.
  39. Guest1457
    hey guys what's up It's Justin Bieber. My favorite color is blue but I like purple 2.
  40. Guest5989
    i think its blue and purple he wears it all the time! have u noticed!?!?
  41. Guest4285
    blue and purple
  42. Guest5902
    Why are you guys wasting your time??? His favorite colors are purple and blue... His favorite color to wear is purple... I know because I am Justin Bieber... Also just give yourselves a break... You are wasting your time guessing my favorite colors.... By the way I am from Canada.... I may put my fan number up when I make an account on this site... I think you should stop putting your number's on this site because that is stupid... These stalkers are calling you, aren't they??? Well I have to get off because my girlfriend is over here at my house...
  43. Guest1312
    Justin bieber fav color is blue & purple so yup and go on YouTube and go on jenna99ful plz and subscribe!!!!!!!
  44. Guest568
    It is obviously blue and purple cuzz he looks absolutaley gr8 in them and he also admitted it somewhere i cant remember .... Anyways stop arguing over what his fave colours are he mite change his mind u neva no... ;) I am nearly 13 and i luvv you justinn babezz x <3
  45. Guest9830
    I think It is Blue because I saw it on wikapedia ...?
    beans rule
  46. Guest241
    roxo preto ou azul
  47. Guest4643
    justins fav colour is purple duh!!!!!!!!!
  48. Guest394
    we love justin biber because kiss girls
  49. Guest9860
  50. Guest7434
    dummy is blue not black or pu
  51. Guest5027
    its purple and blue i know tht becuz im is no 1 fan lol luv u soooooooooooooooooooo much j.b which ever girl tht goes out wiv u is lucky ever since u appeared on you tube i was none stop thinking about u hope u get the message luv nicole i am 13 nearly 14 luv so so much i just feel like fainting luv u <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxox
  52. Guest1529
    its purple and blue i know tht becuz im is no 1 fan lol luv u soooooooooooooooooooo much j.b which ever girl tht goes out wiv u is lucky ever since u appeared on you tube i was none stop thinking about u hope u get the message luv nicole i am 13 nearly 14 luv so so much i just feel like fainting luv u <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxox
  53. Guest9223
  54. Guest7343
    hi its nicole i wanted to say if ur reading this justin then i want to say i wish i could go out wiv u i know everything about u u like skate boarding so do i but i aint tht good lol it was really funny cuz i fell lol and you i like playin a bit of basket ball too my two fav colours r purple and blue same as mine how wierd is tht lol i know u kiss on first dates i know u like girls tht haves a good sense off humor i make my friends laugh all the time they say i have beutiful eyes and a nice smile they say when they see me smile it makes them warm i hav never stopped thinking about u ive dreamed about u i cant concentrate at skool cuz im alwayz thinking about u wish i was ur one less lonely girl lol luv u soooooooooooooooo much tht ive even cryed to ma mum about u i even lock my self in ma bedroom just thinking about u and crying over u i write in my hands about u ive even dumped my boyfriends just 4 u i luve u so sooooooooooo much luv nicole xoxoxoxoxox no haters plzzzzz luv u always j.b nicole xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  55. Guest1544
    It can be "BLACK"..
  56. Guest8410
    his favorite colour is blue purple and maybe green too
    go check on wikipedia -.-
  57. Guest2369
    his favorite colors are purple and blue.
  58. Guest2535
    Justin Bieber's fav color is PURPLE!!! So is mine!! -Jayme F
  59. Guest5047
  60. Guest691
  61. Guest4019
  62. Guest8996
  63. Guest8791

    what up, its justin bieber... my favourite colour is green? i look good in purple+blue thats the only reason i wear it but i also love green thats my real fav colour.

    guys give your self a break common stop guessing my colour and come see me at my book signing in london if you want to know real facts!

    my fans keep me going love ya'll peace out<3

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  66. Guest4808

    Tommorow is Bieber's Day everybody should wear violet beacause Justin Bieber's fave color is VIOLET... and i know it beacause im a bieleber

  67. Guest357

     my favourite colour is purple lol :)

  68. Guest5163

    purple i think

  69. Guest8153

    guy i would knoowww ok it is GREEN i know tooo bad its GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEEN

  70. Guest225

    you guys are wasting your time trying to guess it you realise. what if his favourite colour isn't blue or purple or green. seriously, what if its orange or yellow or pink?! Stop wasting your time.

  71. Guest5540

    I know for a fact that it is green cos he told me and even u would know if u was a fan

  72. Guest135

    hi if you are reading this stop arguing lets all say his fave colors are green blue & purple

  73. Guest1593

    pruple blue and green but he wears lot of purple bcuz it suits him.....purple al de waaay

  74. Guest2122

    Justin Bieber in an interview with Chris Connely, on Nightline, revealed his favourite colour. That he loves to wear purpule colour. Its interesting to note, that he wears purple colour and similar shades alot, during his concerts.

  75. Guest9164

     justins fave colour is *purple* and apparantly he also likes *blue*

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