What Scholarships does the Central Queen Land University offer for undergraduate programs?

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Can some one tell me that what Scholarships does the Cantral Queenland University offer for undergraduate programs?

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  1. Guest6772
    Following scholarships are offered at CQU: The Independent Australian Laboratories Scholarship
    2010 Japan Scholarships
    Queensland Alumina Limited Scholarship
    The Jenny Simpson Memorial Scholarship
    2011 DP&I Marine Fish Habitat Scholarships for Honours students
    Faculty of Arts, Business, Informatics & Education Scholarships
    CQUniversity Australia/Queensland Resources Council Scholarship
    QCWA Central Highlands Division Bursary
    The John Maxwell Memorial Scholarship
    Fitzroy River & Coastal Catchments Inc Scholarship
    The Anglicare Central Queensland Scholarship
    QMAG Workplace Scholarship
    Gladstone Regional Council Scholarship
    The Mayoress Regional Charity Foundation Scholarship
    The SMR Advertising Scholarship
    The Adz Power Agencies Scholarship
    Emerald Campus Scholarship
    Hail Creek Mine CQUniversity Scholarship Programme
    Australian South Sea Islander Community Foundation Scholarship
    The Zonta Club Mackay Scholarship
    Robert James Diamond Science Trust Scholarship
    Gladstone Regional Council Natural Disaster Resilience Program Scholarship
    Research Services Scholarships
    Chancellor Stan Jones Scholarship
    CQUniversity Accommodation Scholarship
    Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships
    Equity Merit (EMS)
    Equity Compulsory Placement Initiative
    Equity Technology Award
    Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships (CS)
    Capricornia College Scholarship

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