What Scholarships does the Monash University Australia offer?

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Can some one tell me that what Scholarships does the Monash University Australia offer for the students? I want to study in undergraduate program at Monash University on scholarship.

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  1. Guest5846
    Following scholarships are offered at Monash University: Accounting and Finance Honours Scholarship
    Air Liquide Engineering Scholarship
    Aker Solutions Engineering Scholarship
    Alcoa Future Leaders in Industry Engineering Scholarship
    AMREP Honours Scholarship
    Art and Design Equity Travel Bursary
    Australian Centre for Jewish Civilization Honours Scholarship
    Bachelor of Accounting (Clayton) Scholarship
    Bachelor of Commerce (Dean’s Scholars) Scholarship
    Business and Economics Achievement Award
    Business Information Systems Achievement Scholarship
    Business Information Systems IBL Scholarship
    Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship
    Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship
    Computer Science Achievement Scholarship
    Donovan-Johnston Memorial Scholarship
    Dr Gilbert M Davis Award
    Dr Paul Baker Scholarship
    Econometrics Honours Memorial Scholarship
    Engineering Excellence Award
    Engineering International Undergraduate Award
    Eric Dubsky Memorial Award
    Eric Glasgow Anatomy Bequest Scholarship
    Exxon Mobile Engineering Scholarship
    Faculty of Arts Disadvantaged Student Study Assistance Bursary
    Faculty of Arts Honours Merit Scholarship
    Faculty of Arts Honours Study Assistance Scholarship
    Faculty of Business and Economics Indigenous Scholarship
    Faculty of Business and Economics Indigenous Study Support Bursary
    Faculty of Education Honours Scholarship
    Faculty of Education Indigenous Bursary
    Faculty of IT English Language Program Scholarship
    Faculty of IT Indigenous Non-Award Pathway Bursary
    Faculty of IT Indigenous Study Support Bursary
    Faculty of Information Technology International Merit Scholarship
    Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Indigenous Accommodation Bursary
    Geoff Bentley Scholarship in Pharmacology
    Gordon Preston Pure Mathematics Honours Scholarship
    Harold Carroll Memorial Scholarship
    Homer LeGrand Study Assistance Scholarship
    Honours in Science cross-campus travel bursary
    Ibulanku Community Health Centre Travel Bursary
    INAP Encouragement Bursary
    Indigenous Access Scholarship
    Industry Based Learning Placement Scholarship
    Information Technology Indigenous Achievement Scholarship
    Information Technology Indigenous Merit Scholarship
    Infosys Australia Indigenous Scholars Bursary
    Jane Connor Travel Bursary
    JK Ellis Engineering Scholarship
    John Swan Chemistry Honours Scholarship
    June Howqua Scholarship
    Kee Wong Merit Scholarship
    Law Mobility Equity Bursary
    Lorna Lippmann Memorial Scholarship
    Mabel Kent Scholarship
    Mathew Peck Travelling Scholarship
    Max Buxton Scholarship
    MBBS Equity Travel Bursary
    McConnell Dowell Engineering Scholarship
    Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Equity Travel Bursary
    Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Support Bursary
    Melbourne Eastern Palliative Care Undergraduate Scholarship
    MNHS Domestic Honours Scholarship
    MNHS International Honours Scholarship
    Monash Achievement Awards
    Monash Alumni Scholarship
    Monash East Gippsland Education Trust Bursary
    Monash Elmore Primary Health Bursary
    Monash Engineering International Undergraduate Award
    Monash Grambec Bursary
    Monash Hiroyuki Iwaki Orchestral Scholarship
    Monash Indigenous Postgraduate Scholarship
    Monash Salary Options Bursary
    Monash Science Merit Scholarship
    Monash Gippsland - Baw Baw Shire Bursary
    Monash Gippsland Clarence Claude Fisher Award
    Monash Gippsland Campus Achiever Scholarship
    Monash Gippsland Campus Encouragement Bursary
    Monash Gippsland - East Gippsland Shire Council Bursary
    Monash Gippsland - East Gippsland TAFE Bursary
    Monash Gippsland - GippsTAFE Bursary
    Monash Gippsland - Latrobe City Bursary
    Monash Gippsland - Latrobe City Indigenous Bursary
    Monash Gippsland - Pro-Vice Chancellor's Off-Campus Equity Bursary
    Monash Gippsland - Rotary Indigenous Scholarship
    Monash Gippsland – South Gippsland Shire/ Bass Coast Shire Bursary
    Monash Gippsland - Wellington Shire Council Bursary
    Monash Gippsland Industry Placement Bursary
    Monash Gippsland Industry Placement Scholarship
    Monash GHD Engineering Scholarship
    Monash Latrobe City Engineering Scholarship
    Monash Law School Equity Bursary
    Monash Loy Yang Power Engineering Scholarship
    Monash Mitsui Engineering Scholarship
    Monash TRUenery Engineering Scholarship
    Monash Wellington Shire Engineering Scholarship
    Monash Gippsland Honours Scholarship
    Monash Gippsland Undergraduate Endeavour Scholarship for Tertiary Study in Science
    Monash GSIT Honours Scholarship
    Monash HUMCASS Honours Scholarship
    Monash Jazz Music Scholarship
    Monash Joseph Gioscio Italian Scholarship
    Monash IBM Future Leaders Scholarship
    Monash Mathematical Sciences Honours Scholarship
    Monash McGraw Hill Book Bursary
    Monash-Mitsubishi 50 Year Celebration Scholarship
    Monash-Mornington Peninsular Council Bursary
    Monash NSK Bearings Foundation Scholarship
    Monash Practical Placement Bursary
    Monash-Pratt Musician Performance Scholarship
    Monash PSA Insurance Medical Science Scholarship
    Monash Refugee Bursary
    Monash Rural Housing Bursary
    Monash SASE Honours Scholarship
    Monash Science Merit Scholarship
    Monash Sport Scholarship
    Monash Toni Kaye Foundation Bursary
    Monash Travel Abroad Equity Grant
    Monash University Art and Design Scholarship
    Monash University Arts Scholarship
    Monash University Business and Economics Scholarship
    Monash Vice Chancellor's Honours-PhD Scholarship
    Monash University Education Scholarship
    Monash University Engineering Scholarship
    Monash University Indigenous Scholarship for Achievement
    Monash University Indigenous Scholarship for Achievement and Equity
    Monash University Information Technology Scholarship
    Monash University International Scholarship for Excellence
    Monash University Jubilee Honours Scholarship
    Monash University Law Scholarship
    Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Scholarship
    Monash University Merit Scholarship
    Monash University Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Scholarship
    Monash University Scholarship for Excellence
    Monash University Scholarship for Excellence and Equity
    Monash University Science Scholarship
    Monash University Support Bursary
    Monash Yoshida Scholarship
    MRS Merit Scholarship
    MRS Residential Advisor Scholarship
    MRS Undergraduate Equity Bursary
    Paul Huppert Memorial Holocaust and Genocide Studies Scholarship
    Peter and Barbara Kolliner Jewish Studies Abroad Scholarship
    Peter Finch Mathematical Sciences Honours Scholarship
    Pinskier Memorial Holocaust and Genocide Studies Scholarship
    Rene Van der Borght Applied Mathematics Honours Scholarship
    Rotary Club of Box Hill Central Travelling Bursary
    Ryvka and Mordechai Lewin Memorial Yiddish Travel Bursary
    Schools Access Monash Scholarship
    Social and Community Welfare Placement Travel Bursary
    Software Engineering Achievement Scholarship
    Stuart Simson Scholarship
    Vallejo Gantner Memorial Travel Grant
    Vice Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program
    Vice Chancellor's Concertmaster Scholarship
    Vice Chancellor's Ensemble Leadership Scholarship
    Victorian Ambulance CALD Scholarship
    Victorian Ambulance Paramedic Scholarship
    Walter and Eliza Hall Trust Opportunity Scholarship
    Women in Engineering Bursary
    Women in Information Technology Bursary
    Zyga and Diana Elton Coursework Scholarship.

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