What Scholarships does the University of Canberra Australia offer?

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Can some one tell me that what Scholarships does the University of Canberra Australia offer for the students? I want to study in undergraduate program at Canberra University on scholarship.

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  1. Guest6488
    Following Scholarships are offered at University of Canberra:
    • Australia Awards
    • Undergraduate Scholarships Semester ONE
    • Undergraduate Scholarships Semester TWO
    • Honours Scholarships
    • Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships
    • Postgraduate Research Scholarships
    • Scholarships for Specific Courses, e.g. Nursing
    • Scholarships by Student Category, e.g. Indigenous Students, Women
    • Scholarships for International Students
    • External Scholarships
    • Scholarship Partners
    • Financial Assistance for Students

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