What Scholarships does the University of Melbourne offer?

by Guest8105  |  13 years ago

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I want to study at Melbourne University of Australia and want to know that what scholarships are offered by Melbourne University for international students?

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  1. Guest2433
    The Melbourne Scholarships Program is one of the most generous of its kind in Australia.  The program spans both undergraduate and graduate courses with benefits ranging from fee relief to payments to assist with living, study and travel expenses.  Some scholarships are awarded purely on academic merit and others on a mix of academic ability and equity issues.
    These scholarships are highly sought after because of the University's reputation as a premier research institution and its close links and partnerships with business and industry, government and other research institutions.
    Benefits to students include broader research opportunities, industry experience, and corporate support for student awards and facilities.
    Awarded annually, these scholarships are designed to attract Australia's most outstanding students to the University.
    For a comprehensive list of all the undergraduate, graduate coursework and graduate research scholarships we offer, please go to our website at:

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