What aircraft does Qantas operate?

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I am looking for the fleet details of Qantas Airline. Can someone tell me which aircraft does Qantas operate?

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  1. Guest1874
    As of 1 March 2011, the Qantas Group’s passenger fleet is comprised of:
    Qantas (Domestic and International)
    9 x Airbus A380-800
    6 x Boeing 747-400ER
    20 x Boeing 747-400  
    26 x Boeing 767-300ER
    44 x Boeing 737-800
    21 x Boeing 737-400  
    11 x Boeing 717-200
    10 x Airbus A330-300
    8 x Airbus A330-200
    21 x Bombardier Dash 8 (200/Q300)
    22 x Bombardier Dash 8 (Q400)
    56 x Airbus A320-200*    
    6 x Airbus A321-200
    9 x Airbus A330-300
    *Includes Jetstar Asia fleet
    See the Fleet Developments page for future updates to the Qantas fleet.
    To find out which plane you will be travelling on, retrieve your booking online at manage your booking and then click on the flight number. A pop-up box will show you the type of aircraft you will be travelling on.

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