What amount of calories burned in exercise to be appropriate?

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Since when I was a child, I have been hearing people saying that the calories are burned when you exercise. However, I would like to be somewhat exact in this regard and for this reason I would like to know that how much exercise will burn how many of calories to be exact.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    You can burn as much as 300 calories within 30 minutes time. However, this is something which depends a lot on your weight and the type of exercise you are doing and its duration. Just to give you some idea, below given is a table that will tell you about the amount of calories you can burn with a certain weight in a given time of exercise.

    Exercise                        Time               Calories Burned

    Archery                          5 min               32

    Ashtanga yoga                5 min               49

    Aerobics - low impact    5 min               58

    Aerobics – high impact   5 min               66

    Backpacking                  5 min               66

    Badminton                      5 min               42

    Total Calories burned in 30 minutes 313

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