What are Internal dispute of WikiLeaks?

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I heard that the Julian Assange founder of WikiLeaks have internal disputes with his own faculty. What are internal disputes of WikiLeaks.

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    Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the German spokesman and effective number 2 at Wikileaks, resigned on 25 September 2010 during an interview with Der Spiegel. Domscheit-Berg left because he felt the organization was too centered around the figure of Assange whom Domscheit-Berg accused of having an authoritarian style contrary to the transparency-focused mission of the organization, and that Assange was not ready to step back from public view, jeopardizing the project. Assange accused Domscheit-Berg of leaking information to Newsweek claiming the Wikileaks team was unhappy with Assange's leadership and handling of the Afghan war document releases. Domscheit-Berg left with a small group to start OpenLeaks. Herbert Snorrason, also a 25-year old Icelandic university student, resigned after he challenged Assange on his decision to suspend Domscheit-Berg and was bluntly rebuked.Iceland MP Birgitta Jonsdottir also left Wikileaks citing lack of transparency, lack of structure, and poor communication flow in the organisation.

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