What are Paul McDonald’s famous albums?

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Hi, I am a big fan of Paul McDonald; I want to know the name of the famous albums of Paul McDonald, I need answer, thanks.

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    Paul McDonald is one of famous American singer-songwriter from Huntsville, Alabama, who presently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. McDonald ranked on 8th position on the tenth season of American Idol. From 2005, he has been the main singer of the band High tide Blues, renamed The Grand Magnolias in 2010.  During 2010 he auditioned for American Idol, which is in its 10th season. As a part of High tide Blues; he made High tide Blues in 2007 and Love Come Easy which came in 2008. As a part of The Grand Magnolias he created The Grand Magnolias in 2011.

    High tide Blues came in 2007 and the track list of High tide Blues is given below:

    1. I Can't

    2. 4:15

    3. Will She

    4. Tired of Leavin

    5. Jennifer

    Love Come Easy came in 2008; the track list of Love Come Easy album is given below:

    1. Katie, Can You Hear Me

    2. Far from Home

    3. Dreamin Alone

    4. Let It Roll

    5. Giving Up On You

    6. Merles Last Stand

    7. Black Crows

    8. Dancing with the Angels

    As part of The Grand Magnolias, he created The Grand Magnolias in 2011 and the track list of The Grand Magnolias album is given below:

    1. Sing Out

    2. American Dreams

    3. Fly Me to the Moon

    4. I Can't Remember

    5. No More One More Nights

    6. Heartbreak

    7. Four Fifteen

    8. Whoa

    9. Top of the World

    10. Please Believe Me


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